🎙 Colorado Podcaster Meetup!

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The Centennial State is brimming with good beer, great food, and amazing creatives. Some of those creatives are podcasters, and that’s who we’re here for.

Who is putting this together?

An independent group of podcasters wanting to gather a few times a year with other podcasters and professionals to connect, learn, and grow together.
There have been conversations for months about making this happen, here are some of us who are working to make this happen:

Why come to the meetup?

We have noticed there are a lot of independent podcasters in Colorado, but not many resources or events for them, and we’d like that to change.
At this meetup, you can expect the following:
  • Great connections with other podcasters to collaborate, learn, and share what’s working
  • Brief programming sharing tips, tricks, and new things we are seeing work to grow shows right now
  • Connection to awesome sponsors who can serve you (and are giving you free stuff). We won’t let anyone sponsor us, only companies we actively have relationship with because their products serve podcasters well
  • Connections with Colorado’s most successful podcasters
  • A freaking great time!
  • Great beer 🙂 🍻

Where is the next meetup?

The next meetup is Friday, November 11, at the Great Divide Barrel Bar in the RiNo District (Denver).

Do the meetups cost anything?

No! We’re able to use our connections in the podcast and audio industries to cover the costs of these events with sponsorship dollars.
Our sponsors pockets aren’t endlessly deep, though, so we always suggest you bring a little beer money so when a sponsor says “Okay, open bar is closed” you can still get some drinks and continue to hang out.

Alright, I’m in! Where can I register for the meetup?

Awesome, glad to have you aboard. Register using the link below!